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Vorsorge-Symposium/2nd Pillar trade fair postponed until 9 - 10 June 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Vorsorge-Symposium and 2nd Pillar trade fair have had to be postponed until 2021. As the organiser, vps.epas regrets this decision but the health of the visitors, exhibitors and speakers is more important. Content planned especially for the Vorsorge-Symposium is being made available online. There will be more information on this to follow. The trade fair and the Vorsorge-Symposium will take place in Zurich on 9 and 10 June 2021. The 2nd Pillar trade fair 2021 (Salon PPS) in Lausanne has been cancelled. The Vorsorge-Symposium 2021 in Zurich will also be aimed at French-speaking visitors, as was the intention for this year.

We will get in touch again to tell you how you can take part in the digital Symposium programme on 19 - 20 August and 27 October 2020, so save these dates in your calendar.

The Vorsorge-Symposium is the top forum for all key 2nd Pillar decision-makers. The main element of the Vorsorge-Symposium is further training. For two days, pension fund managing directors, members of pension fund boards of trustees and pension fund experts will receive high-quality further training free of charge.

With this initiative, vps.epas is underlining its commitment to a decentralised second pillar managed on the basis of social partnership and helping management bodies to undertake their continuing professional development in a consolidated and efficient way. For many foundation boards, the symposium has become a firm fixture on the annual training and development calendar. 

This Vorsorge-Symposium is, of course, a recognised form of further training, offering industry-standard certification and points.

The 2nd Pillar trade fair will take place at the same time as the Vorsorge-Symposium, offering stakeholders a current market overview of 2nd Pillar service providers.

Target audience/admission

The Vorsorge-Symposium and the 2nd Pillar trade fair are intended for pension fund representatives such as members of boards of trustees, managing directors, pension fund employees and pension fund experts.

Pension fund representatives (members of boards of trustees, managing directors, pension fund employees) and pension fund experts (members of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries SKPE/CSEP, members of the Swiss Association of Actuaries SAV/ASA) and members of the Swiss Pension Fund Association ASIP may attend the Vorsorge-Symposium free of charge.

Invitees of any one of the exhibitors at the 2nd Pillar trade fair may also attend the Vorsorge-Symposium free of charge.

All others who wish to attend the Vorsorge-Symposium must pay a fee of CHF 600 (one day) or CHF 900 (two days). 

Entry charges

Pension fund representative
(Members of boards of trustees, managing directors, pension fund employees)

free of charge

Pension fund expert
(Members of the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries SKPE/CSEP and of the Swiss Association of Actuaries SAV/ASA)

free of charge

Members of ASIP (pension fund)

free of charge

Guests invited by exhibitors

free of charge

All other persons
(not corresponding to aforementioned categories)


CHF 600.- (1 day)
CHF 900.- (2 days)

Recognised further training
Take this opportunity to receive further training

By attending the Vorsorge-Symposium on 9-10 June 2021 and taking advantage of the seminars on offer, you can earn valuable training points awarded by the Stiftung Eigenverantwortung, the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries SKPE/CSEP, the Swiss Association of Actuaries SAV/ASA, the CFA and Cicero.

Additionally all board of trustee members, who attend the Vorsorge-Symposium will receive a corresponding vps.epas certificate of further training, provided they have spent at least five hours per day at the Vorsorge-Symposium.  

Points awarded
You receive the following number of points for attending the Vorsorge-Symposium:

Credit Points berufliche Vorsorge (for board members)
Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries SKPE/CSEP
Swiss Association of Actuaries SAV/ASA


9 1/2 (9.6.) / 6 (10.6.)
7 (9.6.) / 6 (10.6.)
6 (9.6.) / 2.25 (10.6.)



How you receive points
When registering for the Vorsorge-Symposium, tick the relevant institution and, for Cicero and CFA, enter your membership number.

When you enter or exit the Vorsorge-Symposium venue over the course of the two-days event your entrance ticket will be scanned. All visitors who spend at least five hours at the Vorsorge-Symposium will have their details sent by the event organizer to the relevant organisation. They will then have the corresponding number of training points credited to their account.



The 2nd Pillar trade fair

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